Fruit & Wine Makes It Fine

Fruit & Wine Makes It Fine

Stacy Vandenberg's dress and heels have a tropical flair. Stacy has a bowl of fruit to play with and a glass of wine to sip. Perhaps one day she'll go to the tropics with the SCORE team for an on-location event.

There are no fruits Stacy can hold up next to her chest that come close to the size and shape of her magnificent breasts. She has a bit of oral fun with a bunch of grapes and a banana, then leaves the fruits aside to get undressed and reveal her fantastic figure.

Does Stacy have any funny habits?

"I'm too serious to have funny habits," Stacy said. "If you can call it a funny habit, I'm very stubborn."

We wondered if Stacy knows any big-boobed models.

"I know Maria B. and Demmy Blaze. I like them and I admire them."

Our studio manager, who photographed Demmy Blaze for the movie On Location North Coast, flew to Prague during the shooting of Stacy's pictorials. "It's a pleasure to photograph Stacy," she said. "I think she's really great."
Featuring: Stacy Vandenberg
Date: November 16th, 2023
Photos: 80

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