The Busty Baker

Stacy Vandenberg is whipping up something in the kitchen. A cake topped with fruits that she proudly presents after she's done decorating it.

Speaking of decorations, this beautiful busty baker is dressed to please in an old-fashioned bullet bra, black stockings, garters, sheer black skirt, sheer white apron, red panties and red heels. Very colorful, 1950s retro, complete with a flower in her hair.

Her decorations come off piece by piece during her kitchen magic until she is clad only in red panties and high heels. She seductively and sensuously tastes some of the whipped cream and the fruit.

"I like to cook and spend time in the kitchen making meals," Stacy said. "I like some sports such as tennis and parasailing. I love to dance to popular music. Yes, I will dance a bit in the kitchen sometimes."
Featuring: Stacy Vandenberg
Date: November 2nd, 2023
Photos: 80