The Ultra-tight, Orange Cleavage Dress

This eye-popping dress does Stacy Vandenberg justice. It hugs her curves like a second skin and shows massive cleavage. Totally fantastic.

Did Stacy ever think she would become a model? Had she not sent a picture of herself wearing a bra to a bra store, she never would have gotten the invitation that set the wheels in motion.

"To be honest, never did I think I would be a model," Stacy replied. "My height is 5'2" [158 cm] and my figure isn't standard. It was like a fairy tale. I could not believe it. Only now, I begin to realize that I like this and I want to continue to develop in this direction.

"If I hadn't decided to model, I would be working in a job managing people and projects, multitasking and working with a large amount of information and negotiations. My ultimate desire after I stop modeling one day, whenever that will be, is to own a beauty salon."
Featuring: Stacy Vandenberg
Date: February 16th, 2023
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