Red Top and Ripped Jeans On The Terrace

On a terrace overlooking the historic city of Prague, Stacy Vandenberg is busting out in a red top and artfully ripped jeans. Stacy moves inside to take off her clothing because there may be a resident looking out his window and Stacy is a demure girl.

What are Stacy's thoughts about modeling? Does she think about any specific topic when a photographer is taking her picture?

"I like being myself," said Stacy. "I feel liberated. As a rule, I think about the most-beautiful photo shoot and imagine that the new photos will be better than the previous ones. In fact, it's very hard, because in my mind, I think, "Oh, how to make sure that there are no folds on the stomach and that the legs look longer and so on. For me, modeling, like art, topples aesthetics."

Some models rely on the photographer or possibly the photo editor to handle these issues later on. Stacy thinks not just like a model but also like an expert photographer or an editor, looking for the best poses and shots that suit…
Featuring: Stacy Vandenberg
Date: September 21st, 2023
Photos: 60