Tight Tops Try-outs

Stacy Vandenberg tries on a variety of tight tops to see how they fit over her JJ-cup boobs and how they look in photos.

The first is a bright-red tube top. Stacy wears tiny, black, shredded shorts that lace up the sides and black high heels to complete her girl-next-door look.

She next tries on a white tank top that ends just below the boob line. From a low angle, some of her undercleavage is visible.

Next, Stacy puts on a striped blue and white top that's more dressy than the tube top and white tank top. It shows just a bit of cleavage. Next is a pink tank top and then a strappy lingerie-style top that looks too small for her huge boobs.

Finally, her last tight top is a black, lace, long-sleeve zip-up with a hood. It's obvious that it can't be zipped up all the way. At the end of the set, Stacy removes her shorts. She's wearing floral panties and turns to show the thong back. It's been quite a fashion show!
Featuring: Stacy Vandenberg
Date: May 11th, 2023
Photos: 75