Body Talk

"I get a lot of attention from both men and women," Maria Body told us. "I used to be ashamed of it, but now I don't mind. I used to be really worried about that.

"I even thought about shrinking my breasts. But over time, I learned not to pay attention to surprised looks and rude comments. My friends see how people react to me, but I don't see anything."

It's common for a girl with very large, heavy breasts to have clothing mishaps. Straps break, boobs fall out of tops. Maria has had this happen. Fortunately, Maria never "shrank" her breasts. That would be like damaging a work of art.

"One time. It was summer and I was on the beach when my swimsuit broke, and my breasts flew out! Everybody looked, and my friends laughed. It was very funny, but it only happened once."
Featuring: Maria Body
Date: October 27th, 2022
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