Fetish Play

Red is the color of Maria Body's fetish costume. The costume includes a red restraint collar, red cuffs, a red whip and red rope to wrap around her big boobs. Then there's that bottle of oil Maria uses to make her breasts shine.

If dressing up in sexy lingerie could be called a fetish, then that's Maria's fetish. She loves wearing stockings, corsets and all kinds of bedroom scanties.

"I like dresses that show my cleavage," Maria said.

"Before I became a model, I was working in an office. It was not very interesting work. I did not like it. I was hoping for something more-fun to do. Now my life has changed. I can travel. I can do what I like to do. I am enjoying what I am doing. I am very happy."
Featuring: Maria Body
Date: April 27th, 2023
Photos: 100