About Stacy Vandenberg

Measurements 40-28-38
Bra Size 32-JJ
Height 5' 2"
Weight 134 lbs.
Birthday March 8th

Stacy Vandenberg's meteoric rise to the rank of big-tit superstar had a humble beginning. A little over a year ago, she went shopping for bras with a friend. Just for fun, they decided to take selfies as they tried on bras in the fitting room.

"Some days later," Stacy recalled, "I saw an Instagram store that was selling bras for women with big chests, and in one of the posts, they wrote that they were looking for new faces for the store. I sent them the most-funny photo I had, just like that, without seriousness, and an hour later, they answered back and offered to have me come meet them. I was in shock because I did it just for fun!"